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Contact me via email or discord!


Discord: Floralpikmin99 #5382

Thank you so much for considering me!

To begin the commission process, please read over the Terms of Service at the bottom of this page. 

Once you have read my ToS, please reach out to me either through email or Discord. Feel free to ask any questions at any time.



Starting at $10USD

Base price includes shading, and single character


Prop +$5USD

Additional Character +$10USD


Starting at $20USD

Base price includes front and side view of single character. Will be flat colors unless asked otherwise.


Additional Pose +$10USD

Additional Expression/Prop +$5USD


Starting at $10USD

Base price includes 100x100 pixels and toon shading. 


Realistic Shading +$30USD

Larger Canvas Size +$5USD

To base price and additions, adds additional 100x100 pixels


Starting at $50USD

Base price includes base model.


Armature +$3USD Per Bone

Flat Texture +$5USD

Shape Key +$5USD Per Shape Key


Starting at $100USD

Base price includes VRchat ready model and Fallback.

Sent as Unity package or fbx file. 


Additional Bones +$3USD Per Bone

Additional Shape Key +$5USD Per Shape Key

Gesture/Toggle +$10USD


Prop +$10USD

Does not include gesture/toggle

I will not accept commissions that include the following:

Sexual themes, fetishes, intense gore, demonic symbolism/imagery,

witchcraft or occult themes, and offensive or racist themes.


By requesting a commission, you agree to the following terms.

All relevant aspects of the commission will be shared with me before a commission is either accepted or denied. I reserve the right to deny any commission for any reason, specified or not.

Commissions are done on a first come first serve basis. Once payment is received, a slot will be reserved. Discussion about a commission before payment is collected will not reserve a slot.

Payment will be done through PayPal through an invoice. Full or partial payment will be expected before a commission begins, and always before the final files are provided. While tips are allowed on all invoices, it is expected they are given out of kindness, and that they do not gain any additional services on a commission.

If for some reason you cannot work through PayPal, please let me know and something else can be arranged. I however reserve the right to deny a form of payment for any reason.



Each commission is allowed as many revisions as necessary until I send the final files.

Once sent, additional fees may apply to further revisions if major rework is required.

For small bug fixes or errors on models or VRchat avatars there won't be any additional fees.

Please alert me to any issues as soon as possible so I can resolve them.



All credit will be given to me as Olivia Clermont, FreelanceCreatures, or Floralpikmin99 in a clear, noticeable way on the final project where my artwork is used, unless otherwise has been discussed and agreed upon. If credit cannot be given, additional fees may be added depending on the way the artwork will be used. You will not claim the artwork as your own, even if credit is not given. If I notice, or am alerted to a breach of agreement I have the right to make 3rd parties aware of the breach, for either my own benefit, or the benefit of other artists.


All communication is to be done either through email or Discord. All conversations can be archived to ensure accuracy of the commission and to reference any agreements. All of these conversations will remain private, unless a breach of the agreement occurs. If a breach does occur, I hold the right to disclose any previously archived conversations to third parties as deemed necessary for either my own wellbeing, or the wellbeing of other artists.


The commissioner is allowed to request progress updates at any time. It is however understood that requesting updates at a high frequency may slow my work down and can result in late delivery dates. It is also to be understood that I take Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off. If a progress update is requested during this time, it will be provided once work resumes.

All progress updates will be reduced quality and watermarked.



The use of all final products and files is to be discussed with me before a commission is accepted. If the final file is to be used on merchandise such as clothing, mugs, mousepads, and other similar items, extra fees may apply. For use in projects such as books, animation, or games, no additional fees will be necessary as long as credit is given in a noticeable way. All final files cannot otherwise be resold in whole or in part outside of the above uses.

I will not accept any NFT or other crypto based projects.



All final VRchat avatar files are sent as a Unity package unless otherwise discussed. These final files are meant to be for your own personal use and strictly for publishing. The published avatar may be copied by other players if desired. The final files CANNOT be resold either in whole or in part. Edits of the avatar CANNOT be resold. Credit must be given within the avatar's description, and my watermark shown visibly on the avatar's icon. If a breach of agreement occurs, I hold the right to refuse all further work and alert third parties as deemed necessary for either my own wellbeing, or the wellbeing of other artists.


Refunds will be provided if I cannot complete the commission for any reason. A commissioner can request a partial refund at any time if they decide I am incapable of completing the commission how they want. However, money will be deducted based on the amount of work already done to compensate for my time. No files will be sent if a refund is requested.

Once a product is complete, no refunds will be allowed as compensation for my time.

By requesting a commission, you understand that all commissions have different price quotes and time frames based on additions purchased. Both of these will be disclosed before a commission begins. If any changes to the pricing or timeframe are expected, you will be notified in a timely manner. 

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